• Safe moving process
    With one crane lift, using a special chain block system, the SKYTABLE is pulled carefully and effortlessly out of the building.Work takes place from secured slab edges. During the entire moving process, workers do not have to stand on the SKYTABLE itself. A particularly important safety factor for site personnel!
  • Large movable units
    Large units of up to 150 m² can be assembled and moved with a single crane lift. In so doing, the SKYTABLE is connected to trusses. The simple pin and cotter pin connection allows a fast assembly process.
  • Easy lowering of the SKYTABLE
    A quick release device is mounted to each MULTIPROP slab prop. Through a simple lever movement, the SKYTABLE can be effortlessly detached from the slab and lowered by approx. 2 cm. After this, the MULTIPROP slab props themselves provide a large lowering range.
  • Easy adjustment to different floor heights
    The table can also be used for larger heights without any changes to the design with the MULTIPROPs used in a tower configuration.
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